Who we are?

Welcome to the Reghecampf International Soccer Academy! Located in Southern Nevada’s greater Las Vegas and City of Henderson metropolitan areas, RSALV FC is the competitive soccer club of Southern Nevada Soccer Association (SNSA), a non-profit organization dedicated to excellence in the development of competitive and recreational youth soccer players. RSALV FC with its many various services and programs fully reflects the commitment and vision of its parent organization.


Reghecampf Soccer Academy

Reghecampf Soccer Academy Las Vegas is the soccer academy that follows the International model aimed at boys and girls whose objective is to provide youth with integral training. We teach the players the basic concepts of soccer in order for them to be able to deal successfully with sporting challenges in the future, while also teaching them the values that are so representative of Reghecampf Soccer Academy:
Respect, Effort, Ambition, Teamwork, Humility.
The same training methods are used by the youth teams at the Academy, which consist of a series of progressive and interrelated exercises, adapted to each training level or stage.Train and play under the unmatched and...



The goal of Reghecampf Soccer Academy is to change the landscape for elite soccer players in the United States through innovative, player-centered programming and to enhance the overall experience by creating a better, more enjoyable, and more successful player, coach, and club development model.

We are opening our club for all genders and ages with the goal of developing players from U11 – U19. Teams are determined by age and then team level. Our U11 Academy plays on 9v9 and from U14 up on 11v11 teams (full sided games).

We are designed for players born 2000-2008.

Fields and hours will be announced in the same week via email and phone.

Season last from October to May and Practice happens twice a week during the season.

* Highschool Students might have club schedule changes due to Highschool season.

Reasonable fees

Leverage buying power, sponsorships and size to provide the best value for our members.

Quality coaching and instruction

State-of-the-art curriculum for our players.

An integrated soccer experience

Access to all levels of play.


We are here in assisting you and your kids making the best decision. Even if we won’t sign you on our club, we can help you understand and choose the best option for your player.

For additional information and details email

coach@rsalv.com or call (702) 236 6343

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RSALV is part of Southern Nevada Soccer Association. Southern Nevada Soccer Association is affiliated with US Club Soccer; thus, all SNSA staff, players and coaches are subject to the rules and policies established for its member clubs and leagues.

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Please stop by our office to speak with our club management, pay dues or pickup equipment. For questions or appointments please use the following form:

OUR MISSION:  Youth Soccer Development and Mentoring.

  • An integrated soccer experience – Access to all levels of play.
  • Quality coaching and instruction – State-of-the-art curriculum for our players.
  • Reasonable fees – Leverage buying power, sponsorships and size to provide the best value for our members.
  • Investment in player development at all levels – Each player will have a balanced and fulfilling experience regardless of the level of play.
  • A family oriented environment – Players and staff will make friendships that will last a lifetime.